Best Response - How can I see that I have paid?

Where can I see that I have paid?

The details of your bill—including information regarding payments you have submitted and the University has processed—can be viewed at any time in the "Account View" section of WebAdvisor under the "Financial Profile" heading. The "Account View" section will provide you with an overall balance of your account along with your bill for each semester. Your bill shows details about all of your fees, which can include tuition, compulsory fees, residence, and meal plan. It also shows your payments and financial aid, including University scholarships. Review your bill regularly, particularly after making course changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a tuition receipt?

How do I get a receipt for payment?

We do not provide receipts for tuition paid. However, you can print a statement of your account from WebAdvisor, by selecting Account View. If you require a more detailed statement for a specific semester, select the semester from the Account View page (see the links on the left side). If you require your statement to bear the official University of Guelph stamp, bring it to Student Financial Services on the 3rd level of the University Centre to be stamped. You will need to print a statement for each term that you require.

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