Best Response - Am I registered?

Am I registered?

The best way to confirm that you are registered for a particular semester is to login to the "Class Schedule" function of WebAdvisor. Choose the semester in question and, if courses appear, you are registered for the specified semester.

How do I view my Class and/or Final Examination Schedule?

You view your class schedule using WebAdvisor. Go to and select Login at the upper right corner to enter your central login and password. From there ...

  1. select "Students" under Main Menu on the right-hand side
  2. select Class Schedule under Academic Profile
  3. select the Term you are wanting your Class Schedule for (i.e. F15 - Fall 2015)
  4. your Class Schedule is listed on this screen as a grid of registered courses, along with their Meeting Information
  5. select Class Schedule Grid on the upper left side to display this information in a time grid
  6. select Exam Schedule Grid on the upper right side to display your Final Examination Schedule (note: mid-term examination information is in your course outline/course syllabus)
  7. logout when you are done by clicking the "Logout" button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen


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