Best Response - What scholarships and awards do you offer?

What scholarships and awards do you offer?


The University of Guelph attracts a community of outstanding scholars to its broad range of faculties and programs. For more information regarding scholarships and awards, please see the Student Financial Services Website.

We have a very generous awards program available. Merit (grade) based awards are given automatically to all undergraduate students admitted to a degree program with an "admission average" of 85% or greater - the value depends on the program and actual average achieved.

No applications are required for most Guelph scholarships. We automatically consider all entering (semester one) students for awards on the basis of grades. The Registrar's Entrance Bursaries and Accessibility Awards do require an application, and decisions are based on financial need as well as academic merit. Semester one applicants will receive more information regarding the Entrance Bursaries and Accessibility Awards in the package we mail to acknowledge receipt of your application.

You can search for specific undergraduate student awards with our award search tool.

International Students (undergraduate)

An academic year at Guelph runs for two semesters (September to April). The cost to attend Guelph for an academic year is approximately $35,000 (CDN - Canadian dollars), which includes the following: residence, meal plan, health plan, tuition, books, and personal spending. Tuition is higher for students enrolled in Engineering, Landscape Architecture, and Veterinary Medicine. If you intend to take advantage of Guelph's trimester system by studying from May to September, please budget for an additional semester.

In order to get a Student Authorization/Visa, Immigration Canada will require that you have sufficient funds to pay for one full year of tuition fees and living expenses, approximately $35,000 CDN. Refer to the Immigration Canada website for more information about the financial commitments required to study in Canada.

International Scholarships (merit-based visa students) $5,500-$8,500

The University does not offer full scholarships.

Awarded on a competitive basis to new students for the Fall entry point. Students must have a complete admission file by March 1 to be considered. No scholarship application is required. Scholarship offers will be sent to successful candidates with the offer of admission to the University. Our international entrance scholarship program is competitive for students entering semester one of our degree programs.

International Registrar's Entrance Bursaries (need-based visa students) $1,000-$5,000

An application form will be sent to you after you have applied for admission to the University. This scholarship is offered for the Fall entry point only, and applications much be returned by March 1.

Canadian citizens and Permanent residents are automatically considered for University of Guelph Entrance Scholarships.

International scholarship offers will be made on the basis of your complete admission file, including high school grade point average, SAT/ACT scores, as well as personal letters of support and reference letters. Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis. Please note that all relevant grade data must be submitted to Admission Services on or before March 1 for international students to be considered for a scholarship.

Financial aid may be offered to international students with demonstrated financial need. An International Registrar's Entrance Award Application will be sent to you after you apply for admission. Need-based grants range from $1,000 - $5,000 CDN. Overseas students demonstrating financial need may also take part in the University's Work Study program. Students may apply for Work Study in their second year of university. Enrolment is limited.

Academic Scholarships for returning and transferring students

Many scholarships are available for in-course returning international students who attend Guelph. These awards are based on high academic standing and are generally in the range of $1,000 per year. Students transferring to the University of Guelph from a university or college are not eligible for entrance awards. Transferring and in-course students must complete two consecutive semesters of full-time study to be eligible for scholarships. Please consult the Undergraduate Calendar for a full listing of scholarship opportunities or contact Student Financial Services.


There a number of funding options for graduate students, which include University of Guelph scholarships and awards, along with external scholarships.

Emails outlining the details of an award are sent to departments approximately one month prior to an award deadline. Please check your email on a regular basis for this information.

In-Course Scholarships

About In-Course Scholarships

We are committed to rewarding academic excellence and outstanding achievements of our current students. This is why 87% of the scholarships offered at Guelph are awarded to upper-year students. It is our goal to see that Guelph students are recognized for their hard work and continue on in their studies through to graduation.

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