Best Response - How do in-course students apply for scholarships?

How do in-course students apply for scholarships?

The University of Guelph scholarships for in-course students are generally based on academic merit from the last two semesters of full-time study. Each College has an Awards Committee, which is responsible for the awarding of these scholarships for their students. Typically, applications are not required for merit scholarships. The merit awards are placed on the tuition account for the next Fall semester of study as a credit against tuition owing.

The deadline for merit scholarships is generally April 1 each year and students are encouraged to review the Undergraduate Calendar, Chapter 9 for more information on specific awards.

Some scholarships also have a need-based component. Students are therefore required to submit a Need Assessment Form by the deadline outlined in the description of the award.

Visit the Student Financial Services website for more information about in-course scholarships.

Good luck in your studies.

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