Best Response - Do you offer courses by internet, correspondence, or night school

Where can I find Open Learning and Distance Education information?

Distance education allows you to study at home or in your office, according to your own schedule -- there are no classes to attend. Generally, each course comes with a manual that may be accompanied by a course website, videos, etc., depending on the nature of the course. As well, most courses incorporate online discussions and quizzes.

The University of Guelph has formulated a set of best practices in distance education that guide us in the development of new courses and the revision of existing courses.

Our Open Learning program enables learners around the world to take degree-credit distance education courses for personal enrichment, professional development, or eventual application to a Degree Program.

Visit the University of Guelph's Open Learning and Educational Support website for more information.

Best Response - Do you offer courses by internet, correspondence, or night school

Do you offer courses by internet, correspondence or distance ed?

Open Learning at the University of Guelph provides you with flexibility and choice in meeting your educational goals. Open learning offers a variety of non-traditional learning opportunities: short courses, night courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, certificate programs, customized training packages, and degree-credit and non-credit distance education courses. For more information about Open Learning, please refer to


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