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How safe is the University?

At the University of Guelph, personal safety is paramount. We have 12 Campus Community Police Officers who provide Law Enforcement and Patrol services to the campus community along with Parking Control and Dispatch services and an Officer in Residence program.

Campus Community Police conduct foot, bicycle and vehicle patrols of the campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, they provide an escort service to augment the Safe Walk service during off-times or when requested at any time. They enforce Federal, Provincial and Municipal Laws, Parking Regulations, and the University of Guelph Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct.  Security Services maintains a close working relationship with the City of Guelph Police Service and Guelph Fire Department and other related agencies to ensure a safer University community.

Campus Community Police can be reached the following ways:

          Emergency: (519)-824-4120 ext. 2000 or (519)-840-5000

         Non-Emergency: (519) 824-4120 ext. 52245

         Location: Trent Building, Trent Lane (behind the north-east corner of Johnston Hall)


         Campus Safety:

         Twitter: @uofgpolice

Aside from the Campus Police Service, there are several safety initiatives across campus.

There are 36 outdoor Emergency phones and 77 indoor Emergency phones, where you can obtain assistance.

If you are on-campus late use Safe Walk, a student-run service that provides volunteers to walk with you across campus to a second location or vehicle. Contact Safe Walk for hours of operation at (519) 824-4120 ext. 53200.

We are committed to keeping our U of G community informed through our COVID-19 website. 

You will find information about our pandemic plan, resources and answers to frequently asked questions there.




Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the information provided above may be inaccurate. Please visit the University's COVID-19 website for up-to-date information and FAQs.

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