Best Response - What financial services are available to students?

What financial services are available to students?

The University of Guelph is committed to ensuring that a university education remains an attainable goal. In addition to scholarships and bursaries, the University provides over $2 million in assistance through the Work Study Program and Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program. The University also provides employment opportunities for nearly 3,000 of its students, generating $30 million in salaries. Student Financial Services offers a comprehensive program of services designed to assist students with the financial considerations associated with post-secondary education.

Semesterly Payments

Most other universities require that you make one large lump-sum payment each academic year or pay a penalty. The University of Guelph works on a trimester system; this means your fees are apportioned over the course of the year and are payable at the start of each semester.

Work Study

The Work Study Program creates part-time, on-campus employment for 400 to 500 students with demonstrated financial need. This opportunity provides you with a convenient way to make an ongoing contribution to your educational costs while providing an experiential learning opportunity. Apply when you arrive on campus.

Part-time Jobs

Whether serving coffee in one of our many on-campus eateries, helping with research or in offices, or serving as lifeguards, part-time work is an important component of many students' finances and career development. Part-time jobs are available on a competitive basis when you arrive. Early each fall, a job fair is held to help students connect with on-campus employers.

In-course Bursaries

We know that some students cannot meet all of their financial obligations and that some students will face unforeseen financial difficulties. If you have a financial shortfall, a medical expense that isn't covered under any insurance plan or other government program, or are experiencing financial pressures or an emergency, a University of Guelph in-course bursary may be the answer to the problem and enable you to continue your studies.

Financial Aid Counsellors

Trained staff in Student Financial Services are always willing to help you with financial advice, personal budgeting tips, and assistance in identifying areas in need of financial attention.

Government Loans

Student Financial Services at the University of Guelph administers the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) for our students. We will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have about the program or the application itself. You can apply online for OSAP. Loans are interest free until graduation; repayment starts six months after you leave full-time studies. If you live in Canada but do not reside in Ontario, you must apply through your home province for financial aid.

Contact Us

Student Financial Services is located on the third floor of the University Centre, right in the heart of the Office of Registrarial Services. Please see our business hours. To make an appointment with a financial counsellor or if you have any questions, you can call us at (519) 824-4120 ext. 58715. You can also visit the Student Financial Services website for more information.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the information provided above may be inaccurate. Please visit the University's COVID-19 website for up-to-date information and FAQs.

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