Best Response - What financial support is available to graduate students?

What financial support is available to graduate students?

Graduate students fund their education at the University of Guelph in a number of ways. View a full listing of the opportunities available.

Please note that initial offers of funding are made by the department to which you are applying. Most departments provide some degree of financial support for their graduate students. They usually make an offer of financial assistance in the form of employment and/or a research award at the same time as the offer of admission. Assistance may range based on the degree, the duration and the funding held by the faculty member and/or College.

Details on financial assistance and awards, including fellowships and scholarships, are available from the department to which you are applying and in the Graduate Calendar. Currently, the cost of living while attending the University of Guelph as a graduate student is pegged at $13,000 per year. This includes books, clothing, housing, food, etc. It doesn't include tuition and mandatory ancillary fees.

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