Best Response - What is the University's contact information?

What is the University's contact information?

The general mailing address for the University of Guelph is:
University of Guelph
50 Stone Rd. East
Guelph, Ontario
Canada N1G 2W1

The phone number for our main switchboard is:

Follow this link for a searchable map of the campus.

If you cannot find information on a particular aspect of the University of Guelph that you are seeking, please visit the University of Guelph Home page where you will find a search engine for University of Guelph related material.

For information about Admission Services, please visit

How do I find a student's contact information?

To search for a current student, faculty or staff member, please use this directory:


How do I contact the Admissions office?

University of Guelph Admission Services is located at:

University of Guelph

Admission Services
University Centre, Level 3
50 Stone Road East
Guelph ON N1G 2W1

(This address may also be used for all documents supporting applications).

Our hours of operation are:
8:30 - 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Phone: (519) 821-2130


Fax: (519) 766-9481

Graduate Program Services is available through

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the information provided above may be inaccurate. Please visit the University's COVID-19 website for up-to-date information and FAQs.

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