Best Response - What is the City of Guelph like?

What is the City of Guelph like? 

The University of Guelph is located in the Corporation of the City of Guelph in southwestern Ontario.

Guelph has been selected as one of the ten best places to live in Canada. It is known for its friendly, supportive, and safe learning environment that welcomes students of diverse cultures and beliefs. It's also one of the fastest growing economic regions in Canada.

The City of Guelph has a population of over 121,000 and is an hour's drive west of Toronto, Canada's largest city. Guelph offers the comfort of small community living with the excitement of an international metropolis at its doorstep.

For more information on the city, follow this link to the official webpage of the City of Guelph.

For a map of our campus, click on our searchable Campus Map.

The City of Guelph accommodations webpage lists motels, bed and breakfasts, and camping facilities available in Guelph.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the information provided above may be inaccurate. Please visit the University's COVID-19 website for up-to-date information and FAQs.

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